SmartFleet relies on 3 areas of expertise to be your partner of choice in Africa

  • The digitalisation and automation of construction sites
    (3D guidance, weighing, etc.)
  • Data collection and reporting (indicators of production progress, use and condition of your fleet)
  • Consulting in fleet, flow and project management

SmartFleet was born from a strong desire of the BIA group to support entrepreneurs in Africa. As this service is intended to be as broad as possible, it is provided for all equipment regardless of brand and is therefore managed by an independent team under the name SmartFleet.

about us

Two strong partners SmartFleet and Topcon

Innovation demands collaboration

With more than 120 years of expertise in the African market, SmartFleet is the ideal partner that places a high value on
innovation and technology. To meet this growing demand, SmartFleet and Topcon have teamed up to offer you a complete solution to support you in all your projects.

Topcon Positioning is the ideal partner for complete solutions for precise positioning in the guidance and surveying sector.
With our innovative measurement systems, software and mobile solutions, we enable our customers to be more profitable, productive and smart on their projects.

Improve your productivity

Guidance systems together with project management solutions provide unparalleled productivity on all construction sites. By running bulldozers and motor graders twice as fast, you finish work early and stick to your budget.
Complete your projects on time and on budget. We provide the state-of-the-art hardware, software and mobile solutions you need to improve your profitability, increase your productivity and better manage your resources. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the sector and our expertise, the work is carried out properly and all requirements are met. With our flexible and precise 3D construction solutions, you can:

  • reduce time spent in the field and improve the
    management of your equipment,
  • allow the machines to remain productive
    everywhere on site,
  • instantly transfer data to/from ongoing projects.

Get a convincing result right from the first attempt and manage more tasks while increasing your profits. Experience efficiency with excavation work performed up to 4 times faster than with traditional equipment.